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School Management Software
24th August 2016

Rinku Public School

Rinku Public School is one of the renowned educational institutes in Meerut district, the management of which was facing challenges while managing and maintaining the attendance record of the students. The experts from 3dSchool helped the crumbled management of the Rinku Public School to eradicate the adverse situation prevailing within their school and empowered them with hi-tech attendance management software which has allowed them to keep and track record of attendance of the students which has allowed them to retain their position among top schools in the Meerut district.

02th Sep 2017

Amity Public School

Amity Public School is the most popular school in the state of Bihar due to its mesmerizing infrastructure and disciplined environment. But a few months ago Amity Public School was facing hindrances while managing the academic and extra-curricular performance of their students. 3dSchool offered them the aid in the form of dynamic performance software which has helped Amity Public School to roll back in the market of educational institutes.

School Management Software
24th Jan 2018

Hary Public School

Hary Public School situated in a small town of Haryana was struggling with the fee structure management over these years. They finally get in touch with us with hope and fortunately they are now able to manage the entire fee module of their school much vibrantly without any flaw in the system. 3dSchool served Hary Public School with its high-end fee management service which has allowed them to revise their fee structure as per the government norms from time to time and meet all their obligations towards their students and also in their own interest.

04th April 2019

Shikha Public School

Shikha Public School a major educational institution in the state of West Bengal was dealing with irate parents as they were not able to manage the time table of different classes even though teachers were employed in large numbers. The only reason behind this whole scenario was their dependence on an inefficient time table management software. 3dSchool thoroughly studied their requirement and came up with an agile time table management which is solely competent to manage time-table of different classes at the same time and is also efficient in changing time table on daily basis with just a click.