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22 Sep 2019

How to improve the fee collection process

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Although, schools come under the category of the non-profit organization but in real-world school is one of the undertakings making a colossal amount of revenue every year. If we talk about the number of students studying in schools on an average sum up to 2000 and in the present day when the fee structure of almost every school is touching the sky, schools end up making huge benefit every year. Collection, management, and recording of fees is not the cup of tea for everyone. It requires sheer intelligence and concentration while doing the calculation of the large amount in the form of fees paid by parents of the students. 

Fee collection comprises of various procedures such as fee receipt generation, gathering previous months fee slips, validating any dues on part of parents, recording all monetary transactions in the books of accounts and many more. All these procedures are very complex and can only be managed flawlessly with the help of a refined fee collection and management software. Human is prone to errors, therefore if the entire fee collection process is handled by a human, the chances of inaccuracy and sometimes blunders increases considerably. However, if the preferences of schools and educational institutes are shifted from manually driven fee collection procedure to an automated fee collection and management system the chances of faults and errors get clear off from the entire system.  

The fee collection and management software offered by 3dSchool has captured a huge percentage of the market due to the high degree of accuracy it offers. The interface of 3dSchool fee collection and management software is very handy and offers utmost user-satisfaction to the clients. With the help of our software, you can generate and send fee receipts online to the parents of the students which also improve their experience with your school. You can also check the fee history of every student studying in your school so as to validate whether the parents have paid the fee of the previous month or are there any shortfall in the payment of the fees or not. Our fee management software is customizable which can be adjusted as per the needs of your school and the fee structure. 

While using our fee collection and management software you will experience a high level of transparency in your fee system, the benefits of our software will also be enjoyed by your accounts department as it will ease out their work by minimizing burden from their shoulders up to some extent.

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